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The Return of Suther Joshua- School Edition

"Joshua thought that "Suther Joshua" was just an imaginary friend from his youth.  When dancing becomes Joshua solace amidst a world full of challenges brought on by his autism, "Suther Joshua" comes to his rescue! Come along for the ride to see how Joshua's love of dance and autism collide...Hey DJ, drop that beat!" 


Autism can present significant challenges to teens and young adults who have significant social skill deficits and difficulty reading social cues.  At a time in their lives where independence and inclusion is very important, it can also become very dangerous.  Our student edition includes a discussion guide meant to facilitate candid and respectful discussion about these challenges.  It is a platform for autistics and neurotypical peers alike to address these challenges in a supportive setting. 

The Return of Suther Joshua- School Edition

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  • 50-100 units 32.00 a unit

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