"This journey called Autism began for me and my family nearly twenty years ago with the diagnosis of my son, Joshua. In that time the focus has and remains supporting my son’s growth toward the most fulfilling and meaningful life of his choosing. This has become my mission for my extended family on the spectrum as well.


The highs and lows have been significant, full of challenges and triumphs. I often felt as if I was
attempting to climb a mud hill! Navigating so many systems of delivery and supports, trying to
educate others to become part of that support system, and hoping every day to get closer to this
incredibly amazing human being God gifted me with! To say that it was easy, or always the
outcome I sought, would be false. But with every small achievement, every small victory, I
endeavored to learn and help others along the way. I know only too well the often- overwhelming challenges faces our families. Here I have put together helpful resources in my
books, radio broadcasts, blogs and shared resources! Welcome, to our family and remember,
there are No Small Victories… Every Accomplishment Should Be Celebrated!"


Ms. Jacqueline Williams-Hines holds a Master of Education degree as an Autism Specialist. She is a UMASS Medical Center/Eunice Shriver Institute LEND Fellow, and a Massachusetts state team member of Mass Act Early. The host of the CDC sponsored autism awareness video “1,2,3… Grow!” (African American/Black episode) which examines
early indicators of autism in this population. She is the founder of the No Small Victories Autism Education Initiative, executive producer and host of NSV Online Radio, published author and consultant. Ms. Williams-Hines has been recognized by several institutions for her work in autism education, most notably the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Springfield. But her most proud accolade is having the privilege of being the mother of Joshua “Jay-Cee” Hines, an aspiring dancer/singer/Artist/Author whose anthem of empowerment is “Autism is what I have, not who I am”.

"This is Me" as interpreted by Joshua Hines


The mother of a now budding twenty-two-year-old dancer/aspiring choreographer/singer diagnosed with Autism, Jacqueline Williams-Hines recalls only too well the challenges faced by families living with this diagnosis. Her son, Joshua, is her greatest inspiration and motivation. “When Joshua was diagnosed, there was very little information or supports for me. I had to drop a flagstone to step on just to have to drop the next. In creating my path, I began to help others in this journey by sharing any information I had” she explains.

Jacqueline Williams-Hines, M Ed/Autism Specialist is the founder of No Small Victories, an autism awareness initiative that promotes early accurate diagnosis of autism in marginalized populations (most notably African American) to combat diagnostic disparities. A four-time published author, and executive producer of her global radio show, NSV Online Radio, Jacqueline has been recognized by numerous organizations as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for her work. Currently continuing her education to become a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Jacqueline continues her efforts in combating disparities that facilitate trajectories into the school to prison pipeline for many mis or undiagnosed individuals.

“It’s more important now than ever that individuals receive as much information to support informed decision making. This is a quality of life issue that will not work itself out without families being proactive. Through my radio programming and book series I help families become better informed advocates to make sure that happens. It’s not the just the wars but the every-day small victories that we help families win. No Small Victories…because every accomplishment should be celebrated!”


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