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Life as we know it...

Today is April 15, 2020. We have been in isolation since March 19, 2020 with the exception of occasional forays out to bank, grocery shop, pick up essentials...etc. Joshua is attending virtual classes, as am I. I am furloughed from work and discovering the lost art of home hair dying and trimming (my gray makes me look like Morticia Adams), press on nails, caulking, botched minor plumbing! I wake every morning feeling disoriented, and struggling to find my equilibrium for the first ten minutes. I fluctuate between restless nights and overly lucid dreams in which I am always just a foot to short, moment to late... I battle anxiety and spurts of over the top energy! and yet I know I am blessed. We are safe, in a home with the essentials and some extras. We are secure and warm. Joshua is comforted by being in his room, I leave him there. I vacuum to pass the time and feel I am accomplishing something. I avoid much of the news and more lately social media. I am doing what I can to stay abreast of my studies, and not kick myself when other things seem to much of a mental task. I call more and text less. Zoom meetings are becoming a norm and not the exception. I pray constantly for families affected by COVID19 around the globe, and some very locally. For us right now autism is just another layer. For the most part... we're ok. Family, how are you doing?

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