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June 4, 2020... the new normal.

Family as we all try to adjust to the new normal brought on by the global pandemic (Covid-19), sequestering, navigating face masks and handwashing protocols, we are now inundated by the visions of civil unrest, most peaceful, some not. Emotions are running high on a global scale. As an African American mom I live with fears for my son due to his communication and social skill deficits due to autism. My fears for his safety as an African American reverberate globally. My family stands in the intersection of racial inequities and autism. As family on the spectrum, please take this opportunity to listen to your co-families of color. For me Autism has always been a great equalizer. It does not discriminate. In these anxiety provoking and trying times, lets take this opportunity for our words to shed more light than heat. We are all human, and no one gets out of this life alive. Be blessed family!


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