"Autism is what I have...not who I am"-                                           Joshua Hines

No Small Victories is dedicated to educating on early presentations of autism in efforts to combat diagnostic disparities, supporting social inclusion of those living on the spectrum, as well as empowering those diagnosed to celebrate every accomplishment, no matter the size!  Join us in our shared experiences and in celebration of all victories!

Differently abled...

Joshua was a typically developing toddler when regression stole him away. Nonverbal & nonsocial, Joshua was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at age two and a half. Today we work together, mother and son, celebrating Joshua's different abilities and achievements as a way to empower others... we hope to inspire you to do the same for your family!

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Featuring insights into topics pertinent to the autism community from someone who is living the experience


An autism awareness and inclusion radio show on the internet’s #1 radio station for women, W4WN!


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